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Stanislav Maliuta

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Date of birth: February 23, 1938. Education: Ukrainian agricultural academy, 1960. Academic degree: doctor of biological sciences, 1986. Academic status: professor, 1995. Current place of work: Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS Ukraine. Position: Head of the Department of Molecular Genetics. Honorary titles and awards: corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Laureate of Science and Engineering State Prize of Ukraine. Number of publications: more than 200.

Work phone: +380 44 5260729. Home phone: +380 44 5222687. Fax: +380 44 5260759. E-mail:

Scientific interests: cancer genetics, mutagenesis, oncohematology.

Studies on chronic myeloid leucaemia (CML) used as a basic model, the elucidation of the transition mechanism from chronic into acute pathology, the elaboration of the methods of molecular diagnostics of CML and acute lymphoblastic leucosis (ALL) and also the search for the remedies of their prophylaxis and therapy. Search for and studies on genes as components of evolutionary and conservative Notch-signal system and the modificators of their activity. Physical mapping of plant genome and studies on the fine structural organization of individual chromosomes.

General Publications:

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